At LCM Attorneys, the interests of our clients are our top priority and are at the center of what we do. We know how important it is for clients that their lawyers be truly responsive to their needs. For us, understanding our clients’ economic reality and the environment within which they operate is an essential precondition to identifying pragmatic and novel solutions and guiding them efficiently in the pursuit of their business objectives. No matter our clients’ size or the nature of their needs, we team up with our clients to offer them the best and most cost-efficient services.

Representing clients in a litigation context requires a deep understanding of the law, a complete mastery of the facts, solid litigation skills and unfailing ethical standards. Our professionals are all recognized for the excellence of their expertise and the quality of their services. To better meet their clients’ expectations, they fully commit themselves to the files they handle and know how to best leverage the complementary expertise of the other team members. From the files that raise the most complex legal issues to large-scale files that require a larger team and assiduous monitoring and follow-up with our clients, we know how to adapt to the specific requirements of each mandate.

For us, teamwork is fundamental. In creating LCM Attorneys, the firm’s founders’ objective was to build a solid team of dynamic professionals dedicated to combining their energy to achieve our clients’ strategic objectives.


LCM Attorneys Inc. offers services in all areas of civil and commercial litigation, as well as in public and administrative law:

  • Civil and Commercial Litigation;
  • Class Actions;
  • Public and Administrative Law;
  • Appellate Litigation and Judicial Review;
  • Banking and Securities Litigation;
  • Insurance Litigation;
  • Regulatory Compliance and Administrative Inquiries;
  • Shareholders’ Disputes;
  • Directors and Officers Liability;
  • Professional Liability;
  • Health Law;
  • Arbitration and Dispute Resolution;
  • Injunctions, Seizures, Mareva and Anton Piller Orders;
  • Access to Information;
  • Requests for Proposal;
  • Construction Litigation;
  • Competition Litigation;
  • Defamation;
  • Recognition of Foreign Judgments;
  • Estate Litigation.
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